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Some questions that we think you'd like answered :D
(Will be adding more!)

Q: What are the communities carina_high, carina_rp, & carina_ooc for?
OKAY~ carina_high is the main comm where all info & mod!announcements will be posted :D Keep checking back for updates! carina_rp is where ALL RP logs/threads will be posted. Any RP you do should be posted up here~!! carina_ooc is...well, the OOC comm 8DD;; This is where you can advertise plotting and announce hiatus/drops~

Q: The comm officially starts when?? ... And what does "officially start" even mean?? > >""
 The comm officially starts at the beginning of the new year 2011: January 1st. Officially starting doesn't mean anything fancy - we're just going to give all our players a mass party LJ thread to get into the RP & get to know people. Huhuhuhu~

Q: What should I write in my muse's LJ?
While RPing is third-person (he, she, it), your muse's journal lets you REALLY slip into your muse's shoes with first-person (I, me, my). You can update your journal with anything, really~! Diary entries, blog entries, the week's schedule, gifts for/from friends, ...even a note written on a napkin~!! > >"" Like I said, haha, anything, really.

Q: What's the difference between LJ and AIM RPing?
Well, one major difference of LJ/AIM RPing is that AIM RP is much, much faster-paced. Both are usually done in paragraph format, but LJ RP leaves much more time for thought, and thus, lengthier replies are expected. AIM RP is an in-the-moment kind of thing. It's really a matter of personal preference.
Also, LJ RP is often used for people who can't get together on AIM because of conflicting time zones. Large group RPs (ie: parties, classrooms, dances) are also usually held in LJ RP format.

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001 Questions

Hello~ Your twin moderators from carina_high are here~~

If you have any questions, please leave them here, :D and we'll try our best to answer them.
(If the question is personal/private, feel free to PM us~)

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